Customer Comments

The following are just a few of the unsolicited responses to Mike Grant Decals from satisfied customers, received directly or posted on internet discussion boards:-

“His decals are awesome. I have just about finished a Black BAe Hawk 1a with his decals and they just disappear into the paintjob.”


“I have the BAE Hawk decals and the new CF-5 decal sheet and they are both stunning. The CF-5 sheet comes with enough decals to build 4 different CF-5’s. The service was great as well, I had my decals in my hand in about 1 week.”


“Mike Grant’s Jaguar decals… WOW!

I just got copies of these from Mike, in both 1/48 and 1/72, and I’m REALLY impressed. They are VERY nicely done.”


“Great work Mike – your decals are terrific”


“We received your samples yesterday. Quite frankly, we were blown away by the quality of your artwork and your decal samples.”


“The A-10 decals arrived today in perfect shape. They look great! Can’t wait to give them a try. Pleasure doing business with you.”


“I received the two Hawk sheets Saturday in fine condition. They are absolutely beautiful! I’ll be watching your site for new stuff.”


“What can I say, decals arrived this moring. Just Fantastic. Some of the best I have ever seen!”


“Yes they arrived today the 13th. They arrived without any damage. They are superb !
You have done a fantastic job ! I will tell every one I know who models that you are the
BEST ! Without a doubt you have provided me with exactly what I was looking for. The
graphics are superb, the possible combinations of aircraft I can build are great ! Chevrons
everywhere ! Werke Nummers ! Stencils ! Warnings ! Everything and then some more of
what I asked for ! THANK YOU VERY MUCH MIKE !!! If you couldn’t tell I am a happy customer.”