About The Decals

Mike Grant Decals’ range of water-slide decals have excellent registration, colour density and thin carrier film, and most come with placement/painting instructions. The decals respond well to mild decal solvents such as MicroSol/MicroSet.

The majority of the sets are screen-printed just like conventional kit and after-market sheets, but a small number are produced on an ALPS printer. The main difference between these and regular decals is that the carrier-film covers the whole sheet. This means that each decal must be cut out individually, although there’s no need to cut exactly around the edge of the decal – just trim slightly outside of the decal image.

Please note we no longer offer a custom decal service.

We are based in Calgary, Canada but will ship anywhere in the world. A flat fee of $4.50 (regardless of the number of sheets ordered) will be charged to orders within Canada and the U.S.A., while international orders will be charged $6.50. A minimum order value (excluding shipping) of $12.00 is required. The decals are shipped with a cardboard stiffener for extra protection. Canadian customers will be charged 5% GST, which will be added automatically to your order. All prices on the site are in Canadian Dollars (CAD), the checkout process will handle any currency conversion.