Revised (and new) F-51D Indiana ANG decals

Back in August 2014 I released a set of 1/72 markings for post-war F-51D’s, which included an Indiana ANG scheme with blue fuselage/tail flashes. Apparently however, the flashes should have been a deep emerald green, a point brought to my attention by fellow modeller David Cook, whose father actually worked on these aircraft. Thanks to David’s research, I’ve updated the set with a correction sheet in the amended colour as well as additional stencilling, and anyone who’d previously ordered the set from me has been sent one.  The sheet is also now available in 1/48 scale, and includes the red variation of the ANG scheme and the unique Haitian markings (please note that the larger scale set does not include the Chinese aircraft markings, as this is one of the schemes included on Mike Grant Decals set 48044 P-51 Mustangs Part 1.)